About Simon Busch


I’m an editor and writer. Born in New York City, I grew up in Australia where (more or less grown up) I began contributing to newspapers such as the Australian and the Age before, a few moons ago now, ending up in the UK.

At some point fairly early on in my career, someone let me loose on a microphone, and I also became a radio broadcaster on the arts, society and the like, even producing and presenting the odd documentary.

Then someone let me loose on someone else with a microphone: I wrote speeches for state politicians for a couple of years.

Next: Wanderlust. More than 10 years ago now, I moved to Britain, where I again began contributing pieces to newspapers and magazines I admired.

Then there’s been the nuts-and-bolts editing – a lot of it. I’m a pretty hardened subeditor, with years as a Guardian freelancer under my belt, as well as at other quality, and in some cases quite obscure, publications.

I’ve mainly been a digital editor: my career seems to have seesawed between print and the web and then tipped, along with the world, towards the latter.

But I’ve always been writing and at some point was given my own regular column in the Weekend FT – when the paper stops being exclusively about the machinations of global capitalism – which I contributed for three years.

Travel has been a constant theme of my writing. I’ve been to more than 40 countries (although only counted them once) and written about almost as many.

At some point in the travel writer’s career, though, you sit down to read and fiddle with other people’s tales of the road.

I first edited MSN Travel, building it up to become the most visited travel site in the UK. Thence I moved, as publisher, to Travelzoo (the company on my CV about which I’ve most often – pleasingly – heard people say, “Oh yes, I use that!”)

My next port of call, lured by the siren song of cliche-free travel writing,  was CNN International, where I set up the Europe, Middle East and Africa digital travel desk, before editing TravelSupermarket for most of 2014.

I’ve since launched TravelSuper, a magazine app for TravelSupermarket whose audience has been growing at around 12,000 a month, written a column for SpaGuide.co.uk and been advising various government departments on plain English and good web usability – both subjects close to my heart.

– Simon Busch